Payment Plan

Finance Your Domain

If you do not want to buy a domain up front, zDomain Name will allow you to finance the domain purchase over a fixed period of time. zDomainName offers the ability for you to customize the duration of your payment plan, anywhere from 2 months to 12 months.

How It Works

When a domain is purchased on a payment plan, you will have instant access of use and the domain will be pointed to the site of your choice. Once all payments on the domain have been made the domain will be transfered and pushed. If a payment in the scheduled payment plan is missed, you will have a 10 days grace period after that the domain will stop working and email notifcation will be sent.

If 3 monthly payments are missed consecutively, you will be in default and the domain will be returned to and the sales contract will be null and void.

On the day of the final payment you will be given full ownership of the domain, and you will be allowed to transfer the domain to any registrar of your choice.

We keep it simple and best of all,

We offer financing at 0% interest.